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Project Description
This is an open call queue project based on the extended call routing of SwyxWare. It covers the ecr scripts, gse actions, vbscripts as also all database scripts.

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Project Details
This project is based upon the Swyx knowledgebase article explaining how to implement a call queue using the graphical script editor, some own vbscript code and a database.

As this article is rather old (published in february 2003) and SwyxWare has evolved since then tremendously the aim of this project is to bring the Call Queue back to the cutting edge of technology.

Drawbacks of the call queue within the knowledgebase:
  • no user state aware call delivery
  • long waiting times even if an agent becomes available

SwyxWare includes some call queuing functionality since v6 itself. So why is there a need to update that old article anyway ?

Well, the reason is quite simple: the current implementation of SwyxWare's call queue lacks still some functionality, which is:
  • visualization of the content (callers) of a queue
  • pick a call from the queue and divert it to somewhere else

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